UK drone regulations

Drones and model aircraft come in all different shapes and sizes, and it is important to note that there are some important rules you need to be aware of when flying.

For example, it is against the law to fly a drone or model aircraft without having the required IDs. You can also be fined for breaking the law when flying. In the most serious cases, you could be sent to prison.

Registration requirements

There are two IDs you may need before flying drones or model aircraft outdoors in the UK:

  • flyer ID, which shows you’ve passed the basic flying test
  • operator ID, which must be labelled on your drone or model aircraft

You may need to have both.

Use the table below to check specific requirements – for aircraft with a class marking
ClassID needed
Flyer IDOperator ID

C0 – toy


C0 – not a toy – no camera


C0 – not a toy – with camera









For aircraft without a class marking
Flying weightID needed
Flyer IDOperator ID
below 250g – toyNoNo
below 250g – not a toy – no cameraNoNo
below 250g – not a toy – with cameraNoYes
250g and aboveYesYes

Aerosnap is registered with the CAA for the purposes of operating drones with cameras. Aircraft are clearly marked with an operator ID and pilots will hold evidence of their flyer ID which can be checked upon request. Our insurance policy is compliant with EU regulation EC785/2004.

We will publish a further blog post soon about responsible flying. Watch this space!

Important note: This post was correct at the time of publishing (5 June 2022). Check the latest guidance here: 

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